The journey that makes us smile

A quick glance at Premchand Group

Shri Somabhai Bhagat
Shri Premanandbhai Bhagat
Shri Dahyabhai Bhagat

Premchand Dhanadal is a leading and trusted brand of Dhanadal (split coriander seeds) in Gujarat and other parts of India. It is marketed by Bhagat Dhanadal Corporation, Ahmedabad. Every day, thousands of people enjoy its refreshing taste and health benefits.

The illustrious brand of Gujarat is successfully carrying forward the legacy of its founding brand “Bhagat Dhanadal”. Shri Somabhai Bhagat, Founder of Bhagat Dhanadal, had been the pioneer who converted raw dhana into dhanadal. It was in 1948 when, with his innovative research and experiments on coriander seeds used in Indian kitchen, he made a humble beginning with “Bhagat Dhanadal”.

In 1990, Shri Premanandbhai Patel introduced Dhanadal in branded pouch packaging and ended the trend of selling loose dhanadal. Matching him shoulder to shoulder was his younger brother, Shri Dahyabhai Patel, who leveraged this opportunity and transformed a local product into a nationally well-known brand.

The revitalising and salty taste of this crunchy dhanadal immediately got many takers and has since been rejoiced as a healthy mouth freshener. With the increasing demand of healthy mouth fresheners, Premchand Dhanadal team aims to extend this thriving opportunity across India.

The vision drives us, the mission supports us

To spread the joy of
good Indian taste
across the world


To have
100 million
savouring our fresh,
healthy and quality
mouth fresheners
by 2025


The smile that is spreading across India and beyond

People of Gujarat absolutely love our brand, which reflects in our market penetration across the state. The goodness does not end there. Premchand Group boasts of a robust presence across India, supported by a network of passionate distributors. Our products are gaining in popularity beyond India as well, and making people across USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand smile.

That’s where the magical taste comes from

That’s our state-of-the-art infrastructure that processes and creates the taste that our customers love so much.

Thanks to our focus on quality, the raw materials and other ingredients go through stringent quality checks at every stage, be it procuring, cleaning, dehusking, soaking or roasting.

Recognition makes us smile

Recognised by Vibrant Gujarat as Top 100 Companies of Gujarat in 2009

Awards galore